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Well the saga continues, I think I lost track at my 8th time back to the dealership!!!
I took it in and they replaced the screen (took about a week to get the reconditioned part in (not a new part but a rebuilt one). I picked it up and was told all was good, the screen looked good so I let the wife take it to get some shopping done. Well I jump in and run the the hardware store a couple hours later and the backup camera isnt working! I was getting just a black screen or a black screen saying "check your surroundings", somehting like that. So I take it back over there a few hours after I had picked it up, about an hour later they said they put the original unit back in, cleared the codes and put the new unit back in and it was fixed...
Well 1 day later and the backup camera stops working again. After sending a video back to the dealer I was told they'd order another unit for me. After waiting most of the day, i get a call that I need to bring it back in to get a code off the back of the radio, so after a couple days I bring it back in for them to get the code, and they tell me its working again and they can't replicate the problem, they'll need to do a Starcase with the engineers and would need the car for 24-48 hours.
A few days later I drop it off with them for 2 days, after going back and forth, the engineers determine its the backup camera that went out (after me talking to them and telling them i'm not believing that, I think it all has to do with the rebuilt head unit they put in) I agree to let them replace the backup camera. after waiting a few days for it to come in, they swapped it out and it was working fine! (oh and by the way they broke the pull down handle on the tailgate so they would need to order another one and I'd have to come in again for them to pop that in, well after bringing it back and having them fix that part, I hope in and get about 1/4 mile down the street from the dealer and turn the radio one and I get the streaked messed up screen again!!!!! I talked to jeep and I'm waiting for an engineer to call me back, I'm about done with this damn thing! Still less that 15k miles on this thing, does anyone know the lemmon laws in CA??
Wow must have been manufactured on a Monday or a Friday
21 - 24 of 24 Posts