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Hello everyone,

My car is Jeep Compass 2014, Sport. Recently, there is the noise coming from the left front wheel, the sound is extremely like a noise of a bad bearing. I send it to repair, the technician also thought it should be a bad bearing. Then we continuously changed two bearings on the left front wheel, but the noise is still there. The technician recommended me to go to JEEP dealer and check if it is the transmission problem. I did, but the dealer said it is a bad wheel bearing problem, and the transmission is good. We had no way and eventually we decide to change the whole bearing assembly on the left front wheel. The parts come from a good jeep compass, the same year, low mileage. The parts we believe are good, but after installing them, the noise still there. The technician told me he checked all the moving parts (since the noise only appears when driving), and cannot locate the problem.

I also brought my car to the third store, I explained my situation, and let them check my car. They said if it is not a bearing problem, it may be caused by the bad wheels. However, after I changed the two front wheels, no good news.

I hope to have more suggestions.

Thank you very much !!
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