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Serv4WD, 4WD Unavailable

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Yesterday I took my wife to the beach so she could learn driving around in the sand, using the 4wd. Needless to say, she LOVED it. She had a blast! However, after 30-45 minutes of goofing around in the sand and after me getting back in the driver seat, I got the error “serv4wd” and “4wd unavailable.” So I got stuck and bottomed out since only my front wheels were working. Couldn’t get back out on my own, a nearby dude helped me out with his Chevy Silverado. The drive home from the beach is about 40 minutes and the compass worked as expected.

When I got the message the first time, I shut off my engine for a few minutes and re-tried. The 4wd came back on, but only briefly then same message again. I shut off the engine once more and waited longer but still I ended up in the same predicament. Anyone experience anything similar before or have any input? I feel I may have overheated the transmission, engine temp was normal. When I would get the message, the transmission would shift out of gear and the engine would rev up while I reacted and released the gas pedal.
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Thanks for reading!
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This is likely the electrical plug to the rear differential that got sand in it or got knocked loose. Any issue with the plug connection with the rear differential will cause the car to stop using rear drive. Just unplug the rear diff plug (no tools needed and it's easy to find since it's the only wires going to the rear diff) blow out any sand and plug it back in. A similar thing happened to me after driving in some ice slurry and some road salt got into the plug. This has helped others as well.

Hope it helps
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Thanks! I’ll take a look at that, hopefully it’s something that simple.
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