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I wanted to share a few things I love about my New Compass MP.

- Mileage. Windy County road days net 27.5 MPGs. Non-windy days net 31.5 MPGs. Around town nets about 24.5 MPGs. My broken in 2015 Trailhawk v6 earned 21 MPGs highway on a great day.

- AWD Lock. The steering feels great. Cornering is good. It still floats a bit...let us face it, it is an economy car and not an Audi, but it holds on okay.

- At 40 degrees and below, the heated steering wheel and heated seat turn on automatically. With no remote start, it is nice this happens and I don't have to mess around with the screen.

- Front foot vents actually provide heat. My Trailhawk Cherokee had horrific front floor vents. High heat and high fan would still leave the toes nipply.

- Great factory headlights. I think they are awesome, and the high beams are good too. The JW Speaker fogs I added just make them that much better.

- Storage around the spare tire. I now have all my gear with me, and a totally open cargo area unlike before.

See, there are positives :).
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