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Many owners who bought their jeep compass when it first came out probably has already accumulated a lot of miles. I have accumulated now 236000 + miles as of this writing. There are certain parts that still look good but might be hiding a potential problem as I have found out. I did not report this earlier as I thought it was not a common problem. It turned out that it was after I have done some research. Luckily this part lasted as long as it did and when it broke, I was only a few hundred feet from my house. I am talking about the coolant filler neck.

This could have left me stranded had it broke far from home.

Nowadays many manufacturers use plastic for this part. The tops and bottoms of many radiators, Japanese cars included are made out of some plastic material. These materials are strong and really work good. But the constant heating and cooling plus the thousands of miles accumulated takes its toll on these parts. You never know when they are going to give up.

After I removed what remained it just crumbled like chalk. The part itself is inexpensive and easy to replace. The new part I used was made by Gates and made of better materials. It also came with heat shrink clamps. So you will need to use a heat gun.

This next photo is the new Gates filler neck installed. Note the heat shrink clamps. By the way if you have to replace yours, make sure that there is no debris left in the rubber hoses as it might get circulated around the water pump and thermostats causing them to misoperate.

For safety never open the radiator cap when the engine is hot.

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