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Anybody with a 14/15 (and maybe a 13?) found a source for OAT coolant (other than the dealer) as required by the owners manual?

I was changing my oil and noticed that the coolant tank is almost empty; as it was when I purchased (used, with 1500 miles on it) a couple months ago.

I purchased some G05 as recommend elsewhere on this site; but b4 I added to the coolant tank I checked the owners manual. It SPECIFICALLY indicates that HOAT (like the G05) and OAT (Chrysler Std 90032) are incompatible. And if mixed, the system needs to be drained/flushed/filled with the OAT flavor.

And since it's a Sunday, guess I can't finish this project... :(

Proprietary coolant? Really??:dunno:

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HOAT ro OAT is the same stuff (organic). I got XEREX or ZEREX at Walmart which maybe also marked G05. Read the jug info to be sure. Its not proprietary and been out for a while.

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With all respect, I beg to differ.
I've been lurking on some of the other Jeep forums looking for some info, and this has been a big deal with some folks.
This was a post with some good info: I don't know if a cross-post to another forum is allowed, so in case a MOD deletes this, the salient info is below as well:

2013's Now Use OAT Coolant. 2012's Used HOAT Coolant. DO NOT Mix! - Jeep Wrangler Forum

First, a pic of what can happen when mixing HOAT and OAT:

Then a list of differences:

And then the MOPAR TSB:

TSB - 07-004-12 REV. A
Attention! Release Of New Engine Coolant Organic Additive Technology (OAT)
2013 (D2) Ram Truck (3500 Pick Up)
2013 (DD) Ram Truck (3500 Chassis Cab)
2013 (DJ) Ram Truck (2500 Pick Up)
2013 (DP) Ram Truck (4500 / 5500 Chassis Cab)
2013 (DX) Ram Truck (Mexico)
2013 (DS) Ram Truck (1500)
2013 (FF) Fiat 500
2013 (JC) Journey
2013 (JK) Wrangler
2013 (JS) Avenger/200
2013 (LC) Challenger
2013 (LD) Charger
2013 (LX) 300
2013 (MK) Compass/Patriot
2013 (PF) Dart
2013 (RT) Town & Country/Grand Caravan
2013 (WD) Durango
2013 (WK) Grand Cherokee
2013 (ZD) Viper
NOTE: This bulletins applies to all vehicle listed above for every engine application
EXCEPT the 2013 MK equipped with the 2.2L Diesel engine (sales code ENE)
and the JC vehicle equipped with the 2.0L Diesel engine (sales code EBT).
07-004-12 REV. A


November 03, 2012

Chrysler Corporation LLC. has released a new engine coolant for the 2013 model year vehicles and beyond, for all engine applications except the ones listed in the note above.
This new coolant is an Organic Additive Technology (OAT) (Fig. 1). OAT coolants have a service interval of 10 years or 150,000 miles. For heavy duty truck and extreme duty cycle applications refer to the Service Information or Owner's Manual for proper maintenance

CAUTION: Vehicle Damage may occur if dissimilar coolants are mixed!
Coolants of different technologies are not compatible nor interchangeable (OAT, HOAT or
Mixing these coolants could result in:
• accelerated corrosion within the engine and cooling systems.
• the coolant having an ammonia smell.
• debris (particles) floating in the coolant.
Further inspection by the technician may find corrosion in the system. This could show up as aluminum pipes turning black in the coolant system, engine overheat, or leaks in the coolant system.

NOTE: If OAT (MOPAR P/N 68163848AA Purple) has been Mixed with HOAT (MOPAR P/N 68048953AB Pink Or Factory Fill HOAT Orange (Fig. 2) or (Fig. 3)) or any other coolants have been mixed, it will be necessary to flush the cooling system.

The last para is what was indicated in the owners manual.

I'm inclined to follow Mopar advice on this one; is spite of it being proprietary... :mad:

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I'd agree, as it seems rather important; especially if you are topping off/changing coolant. I don't know how though; maybe a MOD can jump in?

To add some last data, I found a gallon on Amazon by a dealer back east for $26; but when I looked late last night it was gone. There are some on there for $34 now.

Then I checked Ebay - $22 delivered! I bought 2 so I can do a complete flush (have some concerns about the PO's work). MOPAR 68163849AA is the 50-50 premix. They also have a 68163848AA which is the concentrate.

Update: Finally got a chance to call the dealer today. As expected (by reading other posts on a couple Jeep forums), I was appalled. $35 a gallon for the premix, plus tax.

So this dealer in Jersey is selling it for $22, delivered. Figuring maybe $10 to ship 8 lbs across the country, that means they are selling it for about $12. Also figuring they have to make something - lets say 33% in round numbers. That means their cost on this is about $8. Lets say its $10, as these are rough numbers. So my local dealer pays around $10, and sells for $35. That would be a 350% markup. :-o

And if you have a 2013+ Jeep, you are pretty much a captive audience, with not a lot of choice. Jeeze, I am in the wrong business... Anybody else feel like chump???:dunno:
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