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Recently, I have noticed a very annoying squeaking sound while going over bumps and rough roads at low speeds.
By pushing on the rear bumper, the squeaking was apparent, and much more pronounced on the left side.
I have 107,000km's on the vehicle.
A few years ago, I had replaced both lower control arms myself after learning that the alignment shop could not
properly get it to spec, due to worn bushing(s) on the left lower control arm. Once I changed them out, the shop was able to complete the alignment.

I isolated the loud squeak to the left side, but I sprayed all the bushings all the suspension items (both sides) with a silicone based grease.
This included the shock upper and lower mount, the sway bar links, the sway bar bushings, the lower control arm bushings, upper control arm bushings, toe links, etc etc.
Unfortunately, the squeak did not go away.
I was at a loss, and I didn't want to just start replacing parts, and hope that I replaced the correct part. I checked the emergency brake cable, to assure it was not rubbing against anything as well.

LEFT SIDE - I decided to start loosening one item at a time, and do the bumper push to see if the squeak would go away. This was a tedious process because the side had to be jacked, wheel had to be removed for easy access to the parts, then re-installed and lowered to do the push test.
1) sway bar links - squeak still present
2) Sway bar bushings- squeak still present
3) Bottom shock bolts loosened- squeak still present
4) Outer bolt for the lower control arm - Squeak gone completely. The bushing is starting to wear out.

Luckily, I found the problem area before having to loosen the inner bolt, then the outer toe link, inner toe link bolt, upper control arm inner and outer bolt.
The suspension on the compass is extensive to say the least. Luckily, the parts are reasonably inexpensive.

Long story short, for the interm, I greased the bushing and the outer bolt for the lower control arm, tightened the nut/bolt with a strong bar (more than the recommended torque) and the squeak remains silent.
I have ordered a lower control arm, and will replace when it is delivered.

Hopefully, this will help those that are experiencing similar squeaking issuesn on their compass, and a possible guide on how to check and isolate the culprit.
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