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Import levels remain rotation isolation, help prevent and evolving live collapse, guide and rotation based on the role of gradually evolved.

Constant rotation can be divided into stamping maintenance and save the entity. Constant rotation, workplace in turn due to sliding friction and wear, especially because of the effect of centrifugal force, accelerate the frenzy caused friction, usury and cryogenic burns and maintain aircraft, bearing.
Frame damage in the form of keep occupy large proportion in the bearing failure. Aircraft continued to the cause of the damage, must keep its aircraft performance is one of the main reasons. Therefore, to preserve the necessary to set up the turnover of imported Construction Of SKF Bearings frame has the following features:
1. A certain intensity, and maintain the shock, and better flexibility and hardness.

With the coefficient of friction between the actors live wear-resisting performance.
3. Waste heat is good.
4. In addition to the evolution of smaller and similar.
Given five structure complex and usually has a good treatment of fissile material needed:
6. (see a/c. Keep good ask 6/59 / stamping; aircraft modernization, ductility
7. Automobile structure to maintain good cup getting information requirements;

8 YaZhu grasp frame casting for the request of information;
Keep good ZhuSu nine ZhuSu aircraft requests for information.
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