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Sticky pedal recall

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Didn't see where anyone posted this here, but there is a recall (originally a TSB) for sticky gas pedals in certain Compass/Caliber models:

This issue has spawned a recall (number K11).

2007 (PM) Dodge Caliber
2007 (MK) Jeep® Compass
NOTE: This recall applies only to the above vehicles equipped with an automatic
transmission (sales code DAV) and built from March 7, 2006 through May 19, 2006
(MDH 030706 through 051921).

The accelerator pedal on about 24,800 of the above vehicles may stick during vehicle
operation. This could cause the vehicle to react differently than the driver anticipated.
This could cause a crash without warning.

SPECIAL NOTE: All involved vehicles are equipped with an Electronic Throttle
Control (ETC) system that utilizes “Smart Pedal” technology that allows a brake
pedal input to override the throttle control system.

Just a heads up, but those affected should receive a notice via mail, but for those who aren't the original owners, might be worth looking into the production date of your Compass.

- Cherokee
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i caused my own sticky petal problem. i have some after market pedal covers and i have after market floor mats which are products you can by from any retail store. be cautious of your placement of the floor mats. i had them setup perfectly and i then got my car washed. the detailing shop just tossed in the mats cuz it was a busy afternoon for them. i then drove off and luckily nothing happened when the petal wouldn't lift off the floor. i remembered reading this thread and i knew it wasn't part of the recall. i was able to slam my brakes and the car stopped. under further inspection, the screw from the petal covers somehow got stuck in the rubber border of floor mat. this of course never happens when i remove the mats to clean them since i take the time to make sure they're lined up properly
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