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Like I've said before guys, there is nothing special about the factory spare tire kit. You can get any of thousands upon thousands of tire shops in the country to give you the right size tire on a steel rim for dirt cheap, then go to your local parts store and buy a small jack and a beam-style torque wrench with the proper sized socket. Thats all there is to it and it will be way better than the "mopar" kit because you can get an actual matching tire and a much better wrench.

And to the person who posted this:

Cheri E said:
Literally disgusted. Was unaware when buying a new vehicle they don't bother to tell you OR EVEN ask if you'd like a spare tire kit? I was stuck roadside today with a punctured tire. Unable to get my Jeep roadside assistance to be OF any help; had to rely on AAA to tow my vehicle; unable to make it to tire shop or dealership before closing. Now missing work due to the most inconvenient, ridiculous thing ever. No fix a flat, air compressor or plug would fix the puncture in my tire, and I call BULL$H!T ON Jeep for this. I am capable of changing a tire, but with no spare; donut or jack, forced to have my vehicle towed. Whose brilliant idea was this stupidity?! What ever happened to safety? I rely on my vehicle and this is completely absurd.
Sort yourself out. If you didn't know what safety and repair equipment was or wasn't on-board your vehicle BEFORE you needed it then thats your fault.
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