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So last Wed we had a bit of snow/rain and I get into my 2011 Compass and water comes pouring out of my interior roof/map light in the front.

I had an oil change scheduled on Saturday and took it down and the dealer cleaned out the one clogged tube (at a charge for labor to me) and said the other one was still clogged. I need to take it back soon one day when I can (inconveniently) drop it off for the whole day.

I'm pretty annoyed. They asked if I parked under trees. NO. My 2007 Compass with sunroof was parked in the woods all the time and never had a problem.

Since it is "dirt" they claim it's not a warranty issue. It leaked again yesterday from a heavy rain and now I've got water staining/damage on the padding between the drivers door and the roof on the inside. It'll probably be able to wash away but still. I'm concerned about damage and re-sell/trade-in value. And hopefully not mold. :(

I can be a little forgiving to the dealer, they didn't design it or build it, but this seems like a pretty crappy design flaw. This is my second new Compass directly from the dealer and at this point if things aren't fixed, I won't buy again. It's not even 2 years old.

Any suggestions on where to go from here, after getting it fixed? Who should I complain to at Jeep? Any way to prevent this problem from happening?

(Happy to see my account was still active from way back in the day)
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