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2007 Compass - 130K - 2.4L

Woke up and smelled a sweet smell. Can't tell if it's coolant or refrigerant. Coolant reservoir was low. But I'm not sure when the last time I checked it... Can smell it through the vents when running the blower (AC on or off) . I know for a fact that my AC compressor is on its last leg. Can there be a small AC leak leaking into the vents? My air still gets cold though...

I put some dye in the coolant. Waiting a few days before I check. I crawled under the car and there definitely was a leak pattern coming down from around the thermostat housing (I know those go bad on these and Patriots) and leaking onto the TX case. It felt like coolant on my hands (oily). Housing looked okay from a quick visual inspection, but that doesn't mean it's not broken. I'm not getting puddles on the ground which makes me think it's burning off on the engine. It's also not pooling under the thermostat housing after running for about 20 minutes in the garage.

Looked at heater core under the dash. Couldn't smell any sweet smells or see any leaking. Like I said, it seems to only come from the vents. I also replaced my cabin filter.

Any ideas?
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