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Hey everybody, new here and the 2017 Compass REALLY caught my eye considering the upgrades and features over last year's model, and price point. Just wanted to get a quick opinion here.

I currently have an older WK2 - a 2011 with 147K miles. I just recently put about $1,500 of maintenance into it, but there are still a few annoying issues (fuel cap or tank pressure line leak, sway bar needs replaced, new rear right brakes I installed are squealing for some reason when I first drive it after sitting, power door lock actuator on 1 door is broken, power liftgate motor needs replaced, blower motor sounds like it's dying, driver seat leather is tearing). Basically, I'm kind of tired of fixing stuff.

If I trade the vehicle in, I can break even on the loan and owe nothing. If I sell privately, I think I can make $2000-$3000. This is my winter/rainy day/cargo vehicle, and I don't really "need" it until winter hits again, so that's why I'm considering trying to sell it now and maybe wait a few months before picking anything else up.

I'm paying $225 a month on the loan right now for the next 4 1/2 years. It has a HEMI and the 5-speed, so terrible gas mileage as well. I saw that, if I get about $3,000 off MSRP (either through negotiation, incentives, down payment), I can lease a well-equipped limited for about $300 a month. With fuel savings alone, I am BARELY going to pay anything more than what I am for my WK2 right now. If I have any more major repairs on the WK2, that would certainly end up costing me more.

Anyone think this is a terrible idea - am I missing something here? I really like everything I'm seeing about the new Compass, but haven't drove one yet. I just feel like it'd be stupid of me to keep paying for an old vehicle, and potentially more costly repairs, when I could lease a brand new one for the same cost (and then potentially buy it out later on if it's a good vehicle). I drive about 20K miles per year, but again, I have 2 vehicles, so leasing 1 would work out just fine as far as mileage goes.
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