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For as long as possible to reduce under the condition of good performance, maintenance, revision, in order to maintain a reference accident, reliability, economy and production. Maintenance best mechanical operation conditions of the corresponding standard on a regular basis. In a state of operation, including monitoring supplement or replace lubricating oil regularly. As it is in operation, the revision bearing noise, vibration, temperature, lubricant and so on.

Remove the bearing: revised contents, first record level of the lubricating oil and lubricating oil samples, wash the bearing. Gasoline, kerosene, etc.
Bearing containers, ethnic cleansing, and placed the respectively about senior direct contact with the metal mesh container transport, in order to solve the wall. If you want to wash cycle coarse robbing a stage, is the exception should be a gradual process. Cleaning brush vegetable oil, crude fat, in general, fine to wash.
Washed by hand, SKF Bearings Of China aside, clean up oil carefully. In addition, the oil clean.
Turnover of aircraft quality is good, but import turnover in the daily operation, the number will be reduced, and even layered maintain their life. You are now in what keep these bearing damage on the plane?

First, the cage cut exception
Installed at the end of the service liabilities of crack, resulting in excessive, heat, friction, and follow, keep naked into the non-traditional spalling port, ransacked the operations and maintain slow, exacerbating the current workload and to maintain normal wear cycle, the situation worsened, keep a fracture.
The second: poor nutrition level of lubrication
Run, bearing boundary is easy to wear, join area, join and deterioration of the wear, aircraft maintenance convenience goods shortcomings, these reserves could stay fracture.
The third stage includes: rigid
For external invasion of rigid, usury and maintaining abnormal extra burden to keep the plane may also contribute to the prosperity of its people.
Fourth, the rotation creep
Creep of micro-enterprise, ring throwing, plenty of debt, the end of service in any case, in the slide around the main points of the comprehensive, drum shell outer ring deviating from the direction or location.

Fifth: maintains a cut materials
Crack defects and the insufficiency, metal, SuKong mixed form, plus nail, rivet two and a half years or remain in a fixed wing aircraft and interconnected keep may produce serious harm rivet failure plane.
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