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Ball bearing seal bearing sealing effect to the degree of performance, there are two main reasons for the processing and manufacturing components and construction of cooperation. "If you want to solve this problem, two kinds of in-depth study.
The influence of the sealed bearing production = precision
Sealed bearing, did not indicate the accuracy of the outstanding patience, in the five permanent members of the class is mainly in the aspect of airtight bearing relative performance airtight performance analysis, the accuracy of athleticism. Supplier Of SKF 6204 Bearings outer ring sealing performance of the thermal effect of heart throb bearing area of liposuction cap center frequency of the phenomenon of expectations and maintain class fled north, adding dust into function is better than oil spill closed tight lips, give up the movement of the area between the center axis of alternating dissolved in the process of the performance of the oil and dust from deteriorating even further. Size and improve accuracy and not rotating request made to exacting tolerances to deal with problems.
Accessories bearing the life of the joints, rotation and resistance and sealing performance and have a close relationship.
Even if the size of the rotational resistance, airtight performance and powder pollution of water bearing end of design life. Quality entrances, despise the belt passengers into the work. Drive also pay the price.
2. The average life span for the rotational resistance to virus entry bearing, more than 15 years; In the second. 5 to 3 n entrance bearing joints of life up to five years. 5 ~ 8 n the entrance to the life of bearing joints shall not exceed one year.
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