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Bearing, a large number of production of machine parts, and production accuracy has become increasingly fierce, the highest technical level of professional form, bearing varieties most readily available, should be better than repair - buy, also does not conform to, the following cases, finally bearing project,
(1) large factories use a lot of the same type of bearing, the efficiency for the form on the surface of the main rolling wear and tear, and the breeze dynamic grinding is destroyed, especially to keep the parts and rolling body, fourth and bar, fixed value;
(2) large and extra large SKF Bearings, on the brink of failure or the slow part is not the end of the great damage and expensive bearings have a rest. To find a way to extend the effective age;
(3) there are many is not an easy thing. Unable to afford bearing varieties, to prepare what will have no expires. "Said:" in particular, repair;
(4) bearing slight damage, such as inventory time light scale and transportation occurred in the process of light moving grinding lukewarm, in this case, easy to recover.
In addition to the economy, well bearing repair technology, as well as the repairer fully understand the bearing corresponding technical requirements, bearing and its components present a structured process, document features, so that a desired effect or else it will be difficult to bearing repair.
The user has to repair the bearing business, you can special bearing and the company's cooperation, may be"
(1) the engineering technical requirements for the maintenance of specific bearing maintenance, ensure the quality of the overall anyway
(2) can use specially introduces the shenzhen a lot of professional experience, these experiences can depend on land, but very efficient and economic technological requirements;
(3) can be ordered to professional bearing enterprise credit card volume molding, with the help of a published perhaps economy is also a lot of trouble to repair business;
(4) can be ordered to professional bearing enterprises such as maintaining machine, roller, rivet parts, repairs, to facilitate in the economy.
Er ladder er bearing installed hard to determine the direction of the bearing. "Bearing oil, the location of the expedition is mouth nut set on the other side of the usual. All the direction of bearing seat, pay special attention to. Why say so, because" bodhisattva base should be the direction of the cane.
1. The bearing installation and disassembly. Occasionally associated; Heavy burden themselves and the use of tools and other equipment and high pressure oil.
2. The environment clean.
3. Check the size and shape of the axis of the part. Close to the tolerance
Check the support not let ra - roughness of rough surface than 12.5 microns. Should stand out. It 7 planeness low tolerance for their own requirements, available it 8.
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