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Every automaker is in a constant state of getting sued, none of it ever goes anywhere, they all have top notch lawyers and are pumping millions of dollars into legal defense non-stop year-round. Anything you read about class action stuff is just the hungry small-potatoes lawyers groups trying to drum up attention and find a * in the armor. They are just beating their heads against the wall. If you wait for class-action to come down and force Jeep to fix your car it will never happen.

This doesn't help you but for anyone else's sake or anyone who ever asks me I tell them the same thing: Never buy a used Jeep. Jeep isn't the only brand you shouldn't buy used, but its definitely one of them. Would you buy a used BMW or Audi? Most people would say "No, they have too many quirky issues, once they are out of warranty they are too complicated and expensive to maintain." Well, sorry to say Jeeps are like that nowadays too. They didn't used to be, and not a lot of people are willing to admit it but that's how I see it (and we own two of them).

Jeep has evolved constantly over its long and tremulous history, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. It seems like every time they start to get a good grip on what they're doing, they suddenly have new foster parents (meaning, the brand gets sold again) and the direction changes and things fall apart internally.

The Wrangler is its own thing with its own division, it has its issues too but outside of the Wrangler I'm talking about all the other cars that Jeep's name gets put on, but Jeep doesn't really make anything of their own besides the Wrangler. Its all rebadged cars and platforms from sister brands under its owner's umbrella (which is and always has been constantly changing for them). Its always a re-mix of parts from the sibling companies with half-assed supervision from whatever current foster parents they have at the time and lo and behold the remix of parts always comes out as vehicles with stupid problems that shouldn't have happened.

Huge consistency issues. Some lucky ducks get "good ones" that either don't have a lot of issues and/or the issues they have don't affect that particular owner and the way they use the car. One of my rear doors does not work in the winter. You can't open it if its below freezing outside. I just deal with that one because I don't have kids and I almost never have passengers. Stupid, but true.

My car was haunted with issues out the gate and has spent more time in the shop than any other car I've ever owned put together, (and I've owned many more cars than most people ever will in their entire lifetime).

When its working properly, its one of the best car's I've ever owned. The most comfortable. The most stylish. The coolest features. Great handling. Excellent capability. When its working its awesome.

But Jeep is not a reliable brand. It just isn't. They aren't reliable and they aren't consistent. Some have great experiences, some are mixed like mine, and some are just plain bad.

Nobody should buy a used Jeep that is not covered by a thorough warranty.

The only way to buy a Jeep, in my eyes, is to lease a new one for long enough to ensure its not a lemon and let the dealership service department work out all the kinks under warranty. If all goes well you will either feel OK about keeping the Jeep and buying it out at the end of the lease, because you can live with whatever stupid issues are remaining (my car has been into the shop for the door issue twice, they simply can't fix it) , OR, you will not feel OK about keeping it due to too many unresolved, unlivable issues and so you return the lease and make a graceful exit into something else.

I truly believe that's the only way to not land in the spot the OP is in right now. The OP is stuck holding the bag of someone else's returned problematic lease (or they failed to get issues addressed when it was still under warranty).

You need a thorough warranty, and it needs to be an extended one because Jeep's factory warranty is the shortest and worst in the industry and is gone before you can blink.

These are really cool lifestyle vehicles they try to make but Jeep's home life is terrible, like I said they basically just got bought and sold again and watch out because the newest foster parents appear to be homeopathic vegans... who knows what's going to happen to the brand in the next five years. It's definitely not headed in a real good direction right now.

Circling way back to the OP's current problem, you are going to have to decide whether to chip away at these things fighting with the dealer service department or unload the vehicle if its too unbearable. Most likely you will never get all the issues resolved (like me) but you might get it to an acceptable state. It will be a constant fight at the dealership because the service centers are between a rock and a hard place too, corporate won't pay them for a lot of things that should be covered under warranty which forces them to push back on you to avoid them eating a dirt sandwich. That's not really your problem but you have to work with them somehow.

Depending on the miles you might still be able to snag some kind of third-party warranty, tread carefully though as they can be treacherous and expensive. Seems like the only time you can get Jeep to halfway try to work on these things' problems is that short period when they are brand new off the lot. After that you become chopped liver, even with extended warranty sometimes...

Well, anyways, I'm off to go spread sunshine and rainbows elsewhere (as I do) 馃榿 Good luck!
Clearly things have changed. I owned a 2007 Grand Cherokee that I finally sold to my niece. It has around 200k miles on it without any major issues. in fact, they only non standard maintenance issue was the oil pan rusted out and had to be replaced. I currently also have a 2001 Dakota, one of my favorites to drive. It has 110k on it currently and still runs like a champion. Chrysler products have been good to me, just need them to step up, prioritize this issue and get my Compass radio fixed!

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My 2018 Compass Trailhawk has every single issue in this lawsuits. Transmission slips and rough shifts. Engine oil consumption and combustion chamber, a loud clicking noise from the motor and finally the Uconnect system crashing and not working properly. Has anyone else had these issues
Yes, my 2022 compass has rough shift & uconnect issue. Radio fading. Grrr

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Yes, my 2022 compass has rough shift & uconnect issue. Radio fading. Grrr
We're sorry for the frustration, lbug5.

Our team is available via private message if you need assistance with your concerns!

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I also bought a jeep less than a year ago. I traded my 2018 Chevy cruiz for a 2020 jeep compass trail hawk addition. I wish I never did that! At 7 months in just before winter, October I backed out of my drive way heard a loud clunk noise went to turn my wheel heard that noise again. I got out to investigate and my driver's side wheel fell off of my jeep! The ball joint was seard off at the nut? If me and my 14 year old daughter were on the freeway doing 75mph we would of been dead it's do doubt a fatal incident. I have an extended warranty with a $100 deductible but wound up walking out of the dealership paying them $400? Also it took them 3months to fix ir after I had gone down to their lot to throw a fit. I'm a single mother who lives in a rural area so getting my daughter to school was fun also me getting to work was just as fun! The warranty only covers a rental car for a single week yeah they had my car for 3 months! So I bought a little throw away car which wound up blowing up on me which caused me to go and have them get the job done. I felt very taken advantage of and I wasn't happy I'm still not happy! I feel like there's nothing I can do because I am just a little fish in their big pond and I don't have the money or resources to be able to make them listen to me. I feel defeated and I feel I could of had better treatment after all I'll end up paying almost 40k for this jeep and I haven't even had it a year. I pay for a service that I'm unable to take advantage of and although they fixed it it wasn't without problems getting them to. Now my other side is going out should of figured they didn't check the other side while underneath the thing. I'm scared to have it taken care of there and I need my car I can't do anything because my hands are tied can't get another vehicle I owe to much on this one and i don't have a manufacturing warranty so I don't have a case under the lemon law! Anyone have any suggestions on what I might be able to do?

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The ball joint was seard off... I have an extended warranty with a $100 deductible but wound up walking out of the dealership paying them $400?... Now my other side is going out should of figured they didn't check the other side while underneath the thing.
A new ball joint is <$50, and it should take less than an hour to replace. An alignment is needed afterwards. You should be able to get one replaced for <$250 all-in. It's a simple job, take it to a good independent shop, not the dealer.

Why did you pay more than the $100 deductible? What didn't they cover?

But I wonder if that's really the issue. Ball joints very rarely fail, they get worn and cause sloppy steering and uneven tire wear. And there's something suspicious about a 2020 having bad ones. They should be good for 100K+ miles. And your wheel won't "fall off", although the suspension on that side might collapse with the wheel sticking out at an angle.

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Welcome to the site. The only problem you mention that I've had was the oil consumption on my previous (2018) Compass. There is a free update/recall that should solve your oil consumption problem. Others on the site say it has worked for them.

You didn't say what tranny you have. I presume you have the ZF9a/t. No, other than a significant gap between 5 and 4 when descending a hill, the transmission has been fine. The drive-train does make a grumbling noise but that is normal. (If you've ever ridden in a Subaru, you'll agree the Compass is comparatively quiet!).

Not sure what you meant by "combustion chamber." All internal combustion engines have a combustion chamber. That's integral to the design and function.

I've not had a problem with the U-connect, but if you do it ought to be covered under the warranty. Unfortunately some other owners on this site have also had problems with the electronics. IMHO there is too much unnecessary technology. Do we really need the heater controls on a touchscreen??? What foolishness! But since they can do it, they think they should.
A lot of weird electrical problems have to do with the battery. I had a few episodes of electrical weirdness like lights blinking, no start then start all due to a bad battery. this happended on the first 6 months on my brand new fiat 500x. After the battery was changed all went well. Its hard to believe but a battery can have intermittents. It's true.
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