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I was doing some research on the Compass and I found this forum from a search off of yahoo.
I see there is still not many users here yet, but as someone went to the time and effort (not to mention an domain name) that at least someone likes their compass!!

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Webmaster said:
Welcome to! I'm a car nut. I like cars, trucks, SUV's, and web sites.

I've owned my Compass since Aug 18. If you have any questions, just ask.
Going in for a test drive on saturday, I admit I am looking forward to it, but I admit I have been a bit put off from the reviews I have read about it lacking power and that the plastic molding on the interior is on the cheep side. Not so much worried about the interior as long as it is solid, but being in the Dallas area where 70 to 80 mph seems to be the "normal" speed limit, I do worry about the power issue.

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You know, I was actually pleased with the interior quality. It's only after I bought it that I read reviews that some journalists didn't quite like the interior panels. Well I'm quite happy with them.... sure when you compare the Compass to some competitors it may not be tops, but I've got no complaints.

As for the power... the CVT does make the engine feel a bit sluggish under some driving conditions. But floor it and the Compass does go. The CVT is programmed more for mileage than power. I suspect that aftermarket chip companies will come out with a fix for that issue ;-)

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Well took a test drive today.
I can say I liked it, and it does look good up close.
And I would have to say the interior, was as good if not better than whats on my Mazda 6. (my 6 has a big time rattle in the dash that they just can not fix)
On the other hand, it does lack the Zoom-Zoom my 6 has, but to negate that I looked down and noticed I was going 60 and it was smooth as silk, even better ride than my sedan. So it may not win any jump starts, the ride seems to make up for it.
Sad part is they only had a sport model, and it didn't have the sound system I wanted, not to mention I really want the limited model.
So after finsihing up shopping and getting the baby settled down (have new baby by the way, side air bags is another reasion I am looking into the jeep) I got online and found another dealer ship that had a 4X2 limited with all the features I wanted, and I called them to find out that close at 6, but usually will stay late if they know someone is on the way, but becasue of the Texas / OU game it was slow and the were locking up right when I was talkng to them :-(

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The Answer is....To Compass

Well I've been looking at the Compass for a while now. A month ago 3 new ones arrived at a dealer an hour away. We hopped in our Ford POS and drove to see them...very nice looking but it was a Sunday so we couldn't take one out. By the time i booked a test drive the Limited was sold but I was able to take a sport out and my wife and I were both impressed with the vehicle. Seats are really comfortable. Where I am 6'2 and my wife is 5'2 the height ajustable driver seat is a big plus.

I am 90% sure it's my next vehicle I just need to find a manual transmission. I expect it will be 3-4 months for that to happen however as thats how long it took for manual transmission Calibers to start showing up. This isn't to say I was not impressed with the CVT - It is very smooth. REALLY smooth. You mat that pedal and it seems like not much is going on but you look down and your going 80-90 kms an hour.

My Options:
4X4 Limited or Sport (hopefully a limited)
Manual Transmission
UConnect HandsFree (not avail on Sport)
Drivers Convience Group - Tire Pressure Monitoring (included on Limited)
Speed Control (included on Limited)
Full size spare tire
Leather (limited) or YES Essitials fabric (sport)

Things that make a standard compass kick other vehicles rear axle:
Standard Fog Lights
Standard 17" Alloys
Standard 4 wheel disc ABS
Standard Electronic Stability
Price (optioned the Limited with my options comes in at approx 26500 which is 2.5-3G less then the starting point of a CRV or RAV4)
Another plus is the whole vehicle color - no plastic black anywhere

Colors: (in no particular order)
Steel Blue (test vehicle looked good in sport trim 4x4)
Inferno Pearl Red
Jeep Green (the one limited I saw was this color and it impressed me)

Things that did not impress:
The 18" chrome wheels didn't look as good as i thought they would.
Some of the plastics feel cheap - the controls for the power windows for example - minor but i noticed.

Reviews I've read:

If anyone sees or hears of manual transmissions in Canada PM me to let me know...

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Well I found a Red 4 X 2 limited that I really like with most of the extras.
But with my upside down trade in it's going to put my monthly payments way to high :( :( But I'm still trying !!! :twisted:

EDIT: Drove it home this afternoon, will post pics soon!!
Now I need to go take care of our newborn, I've been gone all day and now it's my turn.
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