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Hi all,

One of the spots for menu icons along the bottom of the screen (eg, radio, media, climate...) is now blank. I cannot populate that block no matter what I try. It appears that two icons have become stacked in one spot (ie, trying to move climate into the blank space just makes "climate" become "media", as if climate had the media button under it, and moving just rotates between them).

I've tried the reset options under settings to no effect. Thoughts?

2018 Jeep Compass with 8.4" Nav touchscreen.

Many thanks

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You can try to reset the uConnect, here's the procedure:

1. Put your vehicle into accessories mode (push start button once without having your foot on the brake)

2. Hold down the Green Phone and Voice Recognition buttons for 30 seconds (push the buttons immediately after pushing the start button, before the Uconnect system has a chance to fully boot).

3. Let go of the two buttons.

4. Turn vehicle off and wait for the Uconnect screen to go black.

5. Open driver’s side door for thirty seconds.

6. Close driver’s side door.

7. Restart vehicle.

8. Let the uConnect system load up and see if the concern is still present.
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