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Hi all, looking for some guidance. I am new to Jeep (talking 3 days old!) My 2016 latitude 4x4 came with the uconnect 130s and seems to work just fine. I went out to unconnect, threw my vin number into the website and found there was an update for it. I d/loaded the update to a usb drive (32gb) and went to click on the instructions link on the website and it comes up with with file not found. I call uconnect cs and tell them about it and ask for the instructions to perform the update in the vehicle. Heres what I was told: ( i had to call twice)

1st call:
Put the vehicle in accessory mode (run), plug in usb drive to usb port in glove box, follow instructions on radio screen.

Result: Nothing happened other than the usb drive activity light flashing, no instructions on screen.

2nd call:
I explained what the first person told me to do, and their website link to instructions is down (still down now).
She told me to do the following:
Do a soft reset on the uconnect by closing the drivers door, car into accessory mode, push the volume and tuning knobs on the radio in together for 30 seconds and then turn the key off and open the drivers door for 30 seconds and that should do a soft reset.

Then close door, key in accessory mode, usb into port and follow instructions on radio screen...same result as the first try. She then said she couldnt help anymore because they werent trained any more than the instructions on the website, which is down so she had nothing to refer too. and I should wait until the website is fixed.

Can anyone give me straight instructions on loading the software update for Uconnect 130s please? ps the file that downloaded was a small 160kb file with a .upn suffix

Thanks so much
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