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Hi all
Just a quick update on my 2008 4x4 2.4 Compass. I hit the 100,000km mark the other day (60,000 miles for our American friends) so the powertrain warranty is officially off of it. I bought the car brand new 3.5 years ago and have been pretty happy with it. I did have the tie rods replace under warranty and the upper control arms done too that I paid for. Oh was in for a squeaky clutch just after I bought it but no other problems.
The only mod I've done is the K&N CAI. As for mileage I'm getting about 9L to the 100km or 26 mpg.
The only frustrating thing is the black rubber strip on the rear bumper keeps lifting! I had it replaced once after the car was 2 years old but the new one did it again. I tried to keep it down with all kinds of stuff but nothing worked. Finally I just screwed it down. Now it doesn't lift up!
I change the oil between 5000km and 10,000 and have changed the spark plugs at 30,000km and then again at 100,000km but didn't notice any difference either time.
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