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Looks awesome! How do you like the tires so far? Looking at buying that exact tire. Any major power or mpg drop? I actually live just north of Mendocino in Humboldt! Btw, love the roof rack set up. How do the rails handle that tent?
I reset my MPG gauge and after 3 days of commuting 40 miles I get about 21 MPG. Not too bad. Before I reset I was getting 23 MPG. Keep in mind that I had a roof box which was only 30 lbs compared to the rooftop tent which was about 120 lbs. So it's not really an ideal comparison.

Lookin good. I bought my Compass to take off road, and its great to see others doing it well. My car surgery is scheduled. It will be about three weeks, and I'll start a thread on it when it gets back.
Awesome bro! Nothing serious I hope. Hope it's just mods 😁👍
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