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What do you like the least about your Compass?

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This goes along with the opposite topic. What do you like least about your Compass?

For me, I don't have many complaints. I dislike the large windshield pillars. Sometimes I can't see things because the pillars are big. The only other complaint I have is that under some acceleration conditions, there is excessive engine noise. It's not loud all the time, just sometimes. But I don't expect Mercedes comfort at this price. 8)
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So far the only thing I dont like is the fact it dosn't have a lock for the glovebox. I can't think that I ever had a car that the glovebox didn't lock and I didn't think to check, I went to lock up my checkbook and noticed no lock, and I've noticed there really is no place to lock anything up :-(
Power door locks

The only dislike is the fact that there is no power door lock switch on the passenger door to unlock the rest of the doors. Only the drivers side is able to control the doors :cry:
What I Like Least

1. The quality of the plastic interior. It seems to scuff easily and over time it may not wear well.

2. Location of the 4WD switch. Some people riding in the passenger seat have tried activating it while wondering what it is for.

Only two dislikes so far (1 week of driving):

1) Front seat positioning lever bar sticks out too far. Not a problem for driver because my legs are extended, but for the passenger side, the backs of my wife's legs keep hitting the bar. Will probably by some foam to cover it.
2) Back seat head rests that are fixed to the seat and not adjustable or removable. In the upright position, the back seat headrests block the view out the back window. We keep the seats down for this reason.

Keep ya posted if anything else comes up.

I hate how almost everyone flashes me with their brights as they go by on the highway because they think I have mine on when I don't! I really like though how much better I can see on the highways, even without the brights being on....especially this time of year when there are herds of deer in the ditches.
1. no locking glovebox. my wrangler had one, and the storage between the seats locked too!

2. no coin holders

3. small console storage box ... doesn't hold much stuff.
No remote fuel door release. Also, the placement of the cupholders in the backseat makes it very uncomfortable if there is an occupant in the middle seat.
The only thing I dont like about "my" jeep is that I dont have ine yet!! :? :lol:
A few bugs

I just received my Compass North. The few things that bug me are

1- the seat belt holster tends to hide between the console and the seat.
2. The console is too far back to be of any use.
3- In snowy weather the wipers create an ice bar at the bottom of the windshield, forcing me to pull over and having to smack the wipers against the windshield. It reminded me of my 1986 caravan. They fixed the problem by inserting a heating wire in the windshield for winter conditions.

I hope SOMEONE from Jeep takes notice.
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1 - That bugged me too a bit at first but now, I don't even notice... I think it was because I was used to my Chevrolet Venture, it was very accessible. You'll get used to this very fast, you'll see.

2 - hmmm, that's weird, unless you're a very small person and that your seat is very near the steering, I really don't get it. You mean the big storage within the console or the armrest of the console ? I think I never opened the cover of the console yet :) you might be right then, it is of no use, hehehe

3 - I'll post my results soon since they say we'll have some snow in the next few days. But so far, I might just have been lucky but in 2 snowy conditions, it didn't happened. Might depend on the outside temperature too however.

I do think that heated mirrors and wipers should not be, at least in Canada, a luxury option. This should be standard on every vehicle, our safety depends on those things.

SlowButSure, you do know that the armrest slides forward and back 3 inches, right?
I don't like the back seats... Moreover I think that the vehicle is kinda short for the category (SUV).... I' d love to see it like 3-4 inches higher. What do you think?
I don't like the back seats... Moreover I think that the vehicle is kinda short for the category (SUV).... I' d love to see it like 3-4 inches higher. What do you think?
what is your objection with the back seats? just curious ...

and the Compass is a crossover vehicle, not really an SUV. it does have 8 inches of ground clearance, which ain't all that bad. having the Compass up another 3-4 inches puts it roughly on par with the Liberty, and I don't believe that's the intention behind the Compass ... it's different and meant to appeal to a different clientele. Personally I don't care for the Liberty; I have several friends with Libertys, and the entrance/exit from the rear seat is poor, the ride isn't as nice as the Compass, and I think I have more room overall in my Compass than their Libertys (that just might be my perception but it sure looks that way).

just my two cents :D

uh... no.. I didnt know, I'll take a closer look...


having the Compass up another 3-4 inches puts it roughly on par with the Liberty, and I don't believe that's the intention behind the Compass ... it's different and meant to appeal to a different clientele.
You are right. It is for another clientèle

Let's not forget something. In CDN$ my 2003 liberty limited with selecttrack transfer case (2 wheel, part-time four wheel, full time 4 wheel and low) and with NO ESP cost 35 000$ and today it's almost 40 000 CDN$. So it's unfair to try and compare both on a equal footing.

The Liberty is a rock solid truck with very impressive features. It's towing capacity is incredible and I had very little repairs on it. But when I did have repairs done on it, it was very expensive. Changing the brake pads and rotors cost 870.00 CDN$. If I had the money I'd still have one.

I drive around 400 km a week. The liberty's 3.7 litre motor costs me around 55 to 60 litres of gas to fill up at that mileage. So let's say 60 x .92 = 54.60$ at the tank. On the 25/01/2007 I filled up my compass at 362 km for 37.6 litres. so 37.6 x .91 = 34.22 $
Liberty 2003 54.60 / 400 = 13 cents a kilometre
Imagine price at pump is steady
Yearly gas 54 * 52 weeks = 2808 CDN$

Compass 34.22 / 362 = 9 cents a kilometre
Imagine price at pump is steady
Yearly gas 34 * 52 weeks = 1768 CDN$
This isn't scientificaly accurate but it demonstrates that if you want a Jeep liberty you can have one, for the right price.

I changed from a Liberty to a Compass. I live in the country and was mainly concerned for snow and icy roads. So for four years I ran a 3.7 litre motor all year just for the opportunity to have Jeep four wheel drive. I did travel in gravel roads a few times, mostly when I went on fishing trips near my home. I often thought that it was overkill for MY needs.

So when I sat down and analysed what I wnated from a car I found the Compass to be a good solution. It DOES have a better ride than my liberty, costs less on gas, it's reasonnably roomy and it costs 12 to 15 000 CDN$ less than my liberty did. I now have features that are hard to find in other cars for 25 000$ CDN$. Four wheel drive, ESP, ABS, 2.4 litre world motor. A transvers bar(for stability) in the center of the car. a comfortable ride...

It is not a liberty, it does not even pretend to be one. But I find it is a well featured four wheel drive car offering good advantages for the price. I do believe it is not well marketed and that Chrysler is of the mark on their audience. But then that's part of why they are not number one.

Sorry for this long winded comment.

2007 Compass North 4X4 Silver
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wow 3 or 4 inches higher..

the jeep liberty is stated as having a 9.4 inch ground clearance which should pretty much be a little bit more than an inch MORE than the compass.

in my view the suspension and approach / departure angles, and the driveline are much more suited for an offroad application.. That much is true..
So far, I have few complaints.
Would be nice to have a few more nooks to store stuff (although i just ordered an aftermarket drop-in tray for the center counsel... I'll let you guys know how that goes when i receive it), and I've noticed that the "heated windshield wiper" option isn't mentioned in the owner's manual... Not sure how it's activated on the 2018. The automatic shut-off feature at stoplights can be annoying... can easily be shut off but it's back on every time you restart the Jeep. Would be nice to have the option to permanently shut it off.
Otherwise, so far, this is a great ride!
As of right now the start stop is my biggest gripe which in reality is not that huge of a deal. If Jeep did not want us to constantly turn it off the least they could do is let us set a delay on it. Turning on and off 3,4 or even 5 times to get through a 4 way stop in traffic is just too much. It's like pull up one car length shut off restart to pull up one car length then shut off and repeat till I either turn the thing off or get through the intersection.

I talked to service manager and they say they can't even do anything with it to turn it off or change the delay. To me this is crazy but we love the rest of the Jeep so much I'm willing to live with it especially since we are planning to get the lifetime extended warranty. Then if it wears out the starter and or the ring gear they will fix it! LOL
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Fuel Tank Capacity // having a couple more gallons would be nice.
Gas Lid // locking and one that does not freeze shut.
Glove Box // one that locks
Transmission // if your going to have 9 speed have the power or the gear ratios to use all 9 speeds under normal driving conditions.
Start & Stop feature // option to keep it turned off.
Windshield cowling // Redesign/ snow and ice build up under and around the wipers. Heavy wet snow gets under the area were the wipers attach it melts down the windshield and ices up.
Tires // No real complaints but would like to see a little bigger more aggressive tire as an option on the trailhawk.
Jeep Wave Program // If your going to offer free oil changes then don't charge me for having to put in the correct recommend weight 0w-20. (Area Dealers want up charge because 0w-20 is a synthetic or one offering in a synthetic blend.) As a student of Tribology they are not going to fool me. I have always changed my own oil and I will continue to do so after listen to the B.S the dealers are telling me.
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plas-tech rear door handles - in the 2018 they changed over to normal handles but our 2017 75th has those plastic ones that are not the greatest.

larger and lockable glove - agree - nice security feature

larger center console - agree

Fuel door issue still amazes me - that in this day and age manufacturers put vehicles at risk with NO security on their fuel system. the newer 2018 has a remote release latch for the outer door - but for our 2017 we had to put in a locking gas cap....

otherwise - fun car and the tray area above the glove that they got rid of in the 2018 - not sure why they got rid of that - PERFECT cell phone drop =)
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