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So-called "self-reliance bearing as bearing the floating ability and magnetic field is a form of bearing support of the accident. This kind of bearing significant growth in recent years, especially in high speed, low a sermon, height (I) win and vacuum applications. Magnetic bearings and other bearing than form the unique superiority, is very promising.
What are the magnetic bearings knowledge?
1, characteristics and classification.
1, the characteristics of
(1), large and small friction, ultra-high speed to achieve low power consumption, will start.
Socket (2) with high precision is located in hiring stable state.
Can be in the car to deep high temperature and cold and vacuum environment, will start.
(4) demanding complex conditions, the requirements of electromagnetic interference to the environment, but no other pollution.
2, classification,
According to the way of magnetic magnetic bearings, can control the source, structure form and so on has carried on the classification. In addition, the classification of the magnetic field electricity, magnet high swim 耉 magnets and iron permanent magnet electric - magnetic hybrid ". According to the island's ability such as the type of the type of attraction and repulsion type "of innovation. Superconducting self-reliance bearing distribution of low temperature superconducting and HTS two kinds.
More than other types of classification of various hanging between some special restrictions, especially to be careful.
(1) permanent magnet type bearing can only in the absence of financial resources (phase), no revenue type bearing three aspects, such as instability, at least one direction is also active."
(2) the Fried motivational bearing only active (active).
Brother pure electric iron bearing magnetic only 5 degree of freedom control type bearing, its size, quality and power consumption are big.
(4) the repulsion type bearing on our own independent using low complex, ordinary type suction enemy made.
Second, several typical self bearing.
1, the permanent magnet type bearing themselves.
Permanent magnet type bearing on our own is made of a permanent magnet production of a variety of shapes. Ball bearing capacity and stiffness of decision in the kinds of permanent magnetic materials, the mode of the shape, size, thickness and deployment of bearing aperture, the size of the soft magnetic steel parts. This kind of bearing theory, it is difficult to calculate and often used "experiment" structure design of a similar bill. The experiment to determine several admission bearing structure carrying capacity is measured, he stiffness. New design bearing material such as selection of structure form and size only if a certain ratio to determine the performance capacity and bearing characteristics of the certain ratio and the proportion of nine ChengFangPing size, etc.
Experience certificate, increasing the thickness of the magnet and employ soft magnetic steel boots structure is given wide bearing capacity is effective. It is important to note that no matter what kind of material of permanent permanent magnet magnetic bearing proper amount and the peak in the form of any structure must go over the limit of the size, so not the weight of the bearing itself. Therefore, permanent magnetic bearing design too.Failure analysis of axle hole closed
2, were encouraged to lift. Bearing type self-reliance
(1) thrust
Thrust packaged (studio usually magnetoelectric bearing is iron. Iron heart geometry, u-shaped electronics is usually a brother or circular. Tuning mode coupling with series is divided into two kinds.
3, for bearing the application of the momentum.
Magnetic bearing is the research and development stage, most of the application of experimental form no batch production of goods.
1, machine tools used in machine tools used in main restrictive nature of the trial.
(1) the precision machine tool spindle.
French s2m manufacturing company hired five parties judo control precision spindle of a bearing self-reliance and he dn to the bearing diameter of minimum 4 x106mm, r/min, throat velocity curve m/s, the thrust of dn 8 x106mm, r/min, the lowest speed until the line to wet my whistle, 400 m/s.
(2) super nie lens frame.
France s2m company active self bearing super lens lathe spindle running recorder half 2000 r/min, power LKW processing and high precision of 0.7%. 05 TTM.
2, used in precision instruments.
British national physical laboratory development for guide automatically distinguish rail, detector LKHZ frequency within the team, just 175 n on the sharpness of the gm / 0.7%. 1 nm.
3, pump in the application.
(1) blood pump
At the university of Tokyo in Japan and NTN corporation manufacture bearing on our blood pump. Core is 5 induction type automatic control of self-reliance bearing diameter imported bearing to the bearing ability of 18 n contains diameter bearing export shipment, 9 to 22 n bearing force. 2 n.
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