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What model stereo?

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I purchased an mp3 player for my mother for Christmas and would like to hook it up to the stereo in her Jeep Compass. I snuck in and took the stereo out to take a look at the back of it and see if there were any hook ups and it looks like there is a 12 pin ip bus plugin open on the back of it. The only problem is that in order to buy the right adapter for that I need to know something about what model stereo it is and there were no markings I could see on the thing. Does anyone know what make and model stereo is in the '07 Compass? It's just the standard package, not the Boston Acoustics version.
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We have an '08 Sport w/standard audio and there is a plug in the dash for our mp3 player. This quote is from a review of the '07, "The Sport model comes standard with an AM/FM/CD player with auxiliary audio input jack." I don't think you need to do anything but plug your mp3 player into the jack. That's all we do and it sounds great!
No, there were actually a couple of options as far as the stereos were concerned. There's a single cd player with an av input on the front, which is what you have I'm assuming, and a 6 disc changer which doesn't have one. She has the six disc changer. Sorry I should have specified that. I don't know why they don't all just have that av input but this doesn't it's kind of obnoxious.
Sorry to hear that, the front panel input is a nice convenience. It really should be on all models. I think it might be on the '08's.
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