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There both the same. jeep

2016 old Compass // 2017 new Compass
Wheel base: 103.7 // 103.8 wow a 10th of an inch longer
length : 175.1 // 173.0 shorter by -2.1"
width : 71.4 // 73.8 wider by +2.4"
height : 65.0" // 64.6 shorter by -.4"
pass vol.: 101 cf // 100 smaller by -1 cf , now your knees will touch the back
of the seat
cargo vol: 23 cf // 27 cf larger by +4 cf, I don't think the math backs this up.
Curb wt: 3410 // 3200-3750 the options will change the weight difference.

Performance: essentially the same
tested 2016 // no tested 2017-18
0-60 : 9.5 sec // 9.3-9.8
0-100 : 30.5 // 30.4-32.5 The heavy you are the longer it's going to take.
1/4 mile : 17.3 @ 82 mph // 17.1-17.5 @ ?
top speed : 112 // 110 mph - 2mph

horse power: 173 @ 6000 rpm // 180 @ 6500 rpm +7 hp @ 500 rpm more,, same spec.

All the reviewers that I have read say the same , it's out dated, it's slow, 4x4 great. on and on and on.. , but all the other makes in this class are not much better, yes some get good gas mileage ,nicer eye candy, but there not a jeep or do what a jeep can do.

So the question why did I buy a jeep?, I didn't plan on buying a new vehicle.
I have a 2000 jeep Cherokee , but I saw a Compass that cough my eye , wow I like the size, looks, but it must be $30000 to get, out of my price range I am sure. Then a ad for a 2016 Compass with 14000 mi. for under $20000 that cough my interest.
So for the next few days mulling over weather i wanted buy a new vehicle. and reading the reviews "hmm" maybe not?
Then the dealer calls me, he happens to be a friend of mine, and that he just took in a 16' box truck that i might want , no but there this Compass you have for sale, I like to test drive it, which one do you want he says ,and i will bring it out to you. no to busy at work , i'll come to you in a few days after we get though this snow storm. Friday came and I test dove the Compass Wow this is nothing like the reviewers were saying. I like the size, the looks, the amenities, it's got plenty of power and it's a 4x4 jeep. the gas mileage is lot better than my xj, I have a ford focus with great gas mileage, but it's not a jeep, and sacrifice have to be made for the 4x4. the weight, size, and 4 cylinder engine.
as far as 0-60, 0-100, 1/4 mile. who cares it's not made for a race track, it's a on, and off road vehicle, and I can keep up with any car on the highway, and pass them with plenty of power. I pick up the Compass for $17500. I been putting it though its paces, and it hasn't disappointed me yet.
The hole point of this long ass story is we have reviewers say that the old Compass is not that good , but the new one is much better, ok who are they kidding. there the same jeep, and its got a 10 year history of refinements, and I am sure most of the problem are solved.
I almost didn't buy it because of the reviews. If it wasn't for the dealer call me I most likely wouldn't have one today. So don't believe every thing you read, go test drive it, and judge your self.
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Your numbers pretty much puts the new and old Compass in perspective. What may convince people to get the new 2017 model are the interior updates, especially in the center stack.
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