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Who's had warranty service?

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Here's a question. I've heard a few people talk of taking their Jeep to the shop.... but has any parts actually needed replacement?

From what I can tell, there have been a few very minor issues, but I haven't heard of anything being replaced or repaired as of yet. Post in here if you've had to have something replaced under warranty.

Edit: I'm going to make this sticky so more people see it.
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So far so good on my side!!
when i first bought the compass i had issues with it not turning on most of the time...took it to the dealership and they replaced some wires that were burned up....good service overall..
sensor drivers ..?!

We had the engine light come on just before the 5000km mark .... the dealer had a "no big deal" kind of attitude .. didn't actually replace anything ... said a sensor needed an update ....

.. made me glad I didn't go for an import and end up not being able to get full-on dealer service ..

I guess I do want the best performance/efficiency computers can give us ... a touch obnoxious that the kind of driver issues we have with our regular computers are now in cars ..
Bad battery and bent hood support

The battery wouldn't hold a charge more that two days, dealer replaced it.
The hood support was bent and the clip that holds it in place was broke. I just received noticed the part are in and they'll fix it Monday.
To date: Service engine light repeatedly comes on

O2 Censor
Carbin Canistor
Gasket (not sure which one)
Rear O2 Censor

All the while I have been driving a rental car paid by the dealership. They continue to try to fix the issue. Hopefully it has been taken care of.

One word of advice.. When they try to duplicate the issue, make sure they duplicate your driving route not just the highway!
It's sensor BTW, not censor.
No wonder its not working! :oops:
Thanks, spelling is not my strong point.
zippityjacks said:
No wonder its not working! :oops:
Thanks, spelling is not my strong point.
I rely on spell check...
Warranty Parts replacement

I had my rear brakes hanging after hard braking. They replaced it with modified rotors, caliphers and pads around Aug 07
One drag on the whole thing was parts took a couple of weeks to get to the dealership.
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