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My two cents is that there is no point in updating the built in nav, and no point in paying for built-in nav in the first place on these units that support Android Auto and Apple Carplay. Even if you could get the built-in nav updated, it will be out of date in a flash, and it will still be a poor nav system that doesn't work that great. We have a 2020 Cherokee with nav, we never use it.

Buying a new head unit won't change anything for you I'm sure, and it would be far, far cheaper to get a modern enough smartphone to be able to simply use Apple Maps or Google Maps via Carplay or Android Auto. Maybe you already have a compatible phone. The map apps from the phones are superior in every way. They are constantly updated via simple app updates and even have live traffic and temporary closure info in many cases since its a phone and its connected to the internet. You don't get any of that with the build-in nav. Google's maps are just plain better anyways. The voice control is way better. I'd say just use Carplay or Android Auto and call it a day, worst case you need an updated phone for what... two or three hundred dollars? Way cheaper than a new head unit that will have the same out of date maps...

As for bad service from the dealers well that is nothing new either. In my opinion Jeep has never had good service and probably never will, they are like a troubled foster child that keeps getting passed from one set of foster parents to another (bought and sold over and over again) and they will never have the top level corporate support they need to remotely compete with competitors that have only one or two brands to focus on. My dealer has to service everything from Jeep to Dodge, Chrysler, RAM, Nissan... its obnoxious, a mere oil change takes two hours even if you have scheduled it weeks in advanced and its the first appointment of the day. Either lower you expectations and plan to do more yourself or prepare to just feel the way you feel now for the entirety of your Jeep ownership experience, sorry to say.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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