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great will do when buttons arrive.
Just one maybe stupid question ;) "proxy alignment." how to perform it ?
its not a stupid question i too didnt know how was done.

depending on which software you use interface might differ but the process should be exactly the same.

So after you disable the regular cruise control and then enable the ACC, that page you will have an option of somewhere around that there called proxy alignment clicked and follow the instructions at some point will tell you to change to grey adaptor then blue one so just follow all that.

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Success, Adaptive cruise control (ACC) works great.

Jeep Compass 2018 Limited with:
  • Cruise Control and Speed limiter
  • front camera with FCW and active breaks
  • front radar

If your car has these modules keep reading;)

what's needed:
  • Genuine Mopar Speed Control Switch 5YL24XSAAC
  • Alfaobd with full license + some laptop with WIN10
  • ELM327 USB+ GREY and BLUE adapter (proxy alignment)
  • Security Gateway Bypass if SGW exists in your car (mine doesn't have it)

Replace switches:
  • you need a screwdriver
  • push screwdriver into 3 holes to unlock horn -
  • unscrew two screws on the back with the volume change buttons
  • after that you'll be able to replace switches

  • connect ELM327 to OBD2 and to USB laptop
  • run program and choose: Jeep, Compass MP MY2017, Body Computer and select Body Computer Delphi/Marelli and connect
  • to connect be sure that COM port is availabe via drivers (2008)
  • when connected go to Staus/Faults and check/clear faults and check "Save log"
  • go to Active Diagnostic tab
  • choose Proxy Tools and select backup proxy configuration !!!
  • choose Car Configuration change
  • find Cruise Control and disable it (absent)
  • find Adaptive Cruise Control Type and enable ACC plus (present)
  • find ABS Function - Adaptive Cruise Control and enable it (present)
  • after that go to PROXY alignment and run it. In that step you need BLUE and GREY adapter
  • if proxy stuck please close alfaobd, connect to car and try to proxy again
  • if every item on the list succeed close program, turn off car and turn on again
  • that's it

Speed limiter, standard and ACC works fine;)
Funny because ASO said that it's not possible to that model.

I spent about 200 USD on it ;)

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